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GripFast Non-Slip Paint

A Durable anti-slip coating which is suitable for using for internal and external applications on wood, concrete and metal.

Simply Brush on and sprinkle carborundum to create a non-slip surface on

  • Stairs
  • Walkways
  • Gantries
  • Fire escapes
  • Vehicle loading platforms
  • Ramps
  • Concrete Floors
  • Non-Slip platforms and steps

Available Colours


Mid Grey


Tile Red

Safety Yellow

Safety Red

Safety Blue

Safety Green

Liquid Metal

A two pack, metal hard, solvent free, brushable resin.
Can be applied at 1mm thickness to form a non-porous metallic skin over worn or corroded areas.

When carborundum aggregate is sprinkled onto Liquid Metal before curing, it provides outstanding traction, particularly on metal surfaces.

It works great on

  • Corroded battery carriers
  • Porous engine blocks
  • Porous gearbox casings
  • Pitted well liners
  • Corroded sumps
  • Pitted valve bodies
  • Pinholed fuel tanks
  • Leaking water tanks
  • Sealing porous cab floors
  • Eroded pumps
Industrial Strength Metal Repair Compound

A two pack, metal hard solvent free resin.
When mixed, cures to form an exceptionally hard, chemically inert compound.
Simply apply with a knife or spatula to repair a crack, split or hole in any type of metallic surface

Reclaims equipment in hours.

  • Cracked Castings
  • Stripping Threads
  • Loading core plugs
  • Scored hydrualic rams and shafts
  • Cracked and holed engine blocks
  • Fractured rear axle housings
  • Cracked sumps
  • Cracked and corroded radiators
  • Cracked vehicle cabs
  • Holed pumps
  • Eroded valves
  • Warped cover plates
  • Seam cracking on flanges
  • Pitted propellors
  • Leaking tanks
  • Cracked exhaust manifolds
  • Cracked final drives
  • Chiller ends


Industrial Supergrade Metal Repair Compound

A two pack, titanium rich solvent free resin.
When mixed, cures to a hardness of 89 shore D, making Supergrade the ideal resin to machine.

Supergrade is fisrtly applied with a knife or spatula to a worn shaft or oversized bearing housing and allowed to cure before machining by conventional machine tools.

All the benefits of the Insustrial Strength Metal Repair Compound with double the hardness..

  • Scored hydrualic rams
  • Refurbishing eroded pump housings
  • Cracked and holed engine blocks
  • Cracked bearing housings
  • Building up worn shafts
  • Repair worn ball joints
  • Repairing final drive housings
  • Cracked and corroded transfer casings


Liquid Rubber Compound

Liquid Rubber is a 2 component, very low shrink, filling, casting and moulding compound.
Pours readily and cures at room temperature to a semi-rigid rubber with a rating of Shore A >80.
Ideal for forming dies and casts, creating flexible fixings and for filling expansion joints in concrete.
Liquid Rubber also can be used to make customised rubber parts and shapes.
Easily brushed on to create a protective, abrasion resistant and cushioning coating.
Stops vibration and dampens noise on metal surfaces.
Excellent for repairs to rubber and other flexible surfaces such as conveyor belts and rollers.

It is a fast curing rubber compound which is brushable or castable

  • Creating replacement rubber components from casting
  • In-situ repairs to conveyor and other moving belts
  • Protecting against corrosion
  • Rubber lining repairs
  • Flexable joint filling
  • Noise dampening


A moisture curing neoprene rubber availiable in black, white and clear.
This compound is ideal for any type of flexible repair, gaskets, conveyor belt joints, seals around junction boxes, bedding manhole covers, etc.
Once cured, this product will withstand 350°C, with a hardness of 25 shore A and an elongation factor of 200%.

Reliable flexible repairs achived simply and quickly

  • Superficial tyre wall damage
  • Cracked battery cases
  • Leaks to light seals on vehicles
  • Failed windscreen seals
  • Sealing conveyor belt joints
  • Repair rubber cables, hoses and belts
  • Produce gaskets


Concrete Filler

A two pack concrete repair compound for repairs without special preparation.
Concrete Filler has a compression strength greater than the integral strength of concrete.
Concrete filler, with its non-shrink quality, is ideal for anchoring.

Versatile repairs to stop hazards and major repairs

  • Broken steps and ramps
  • Damaged quarry tile floors
  • Chemical attack on concrete
  • Dangerous loading bay surfaces
  • Coldstore areas
  • Repairs to concrete tanks
  • Grouting in heavy machinery


Metal Tape

A hand mixed, hand applied resin tape which contains two components, outer base and inner activator.
Metal Tape cures in 15 minutes to a tensile strength of 2700 psi to form a permanent repair.

Immediate repairs, gets you back on the move in minutes.

  • Burst pipes - metal and plastic
  • Cracked radiator necks
  • Leaking fuel tanks
  • Leaking joints on vehicle cabs and roofs
  • Leaking, pinholed sprinkler systems
  • Leaking seams on water tanks
  • Loose battery terminals
  • Repairs to fibreglass tanks and pipes
  • Cracked or holed engine covers


Emergency Repair

A two pack, metal hard, solvent free resin to carry out any fast repair, in particular where down time is limited.
Emergency Repair Compound cures in 5 minutes, and can then be filed, drilled and tapped.
With a flexural strength of 6000 psi Emergency Repair Compound will cope with expansion and contraction.

Immediate repairs, gets you back on the move in minutes.

  • Burst pipes - metal and plastic
  • Cracked radiator necks
  • Leaking fuel tanks
  • Leaking joints on vehicle cabs and roofs
  • Leaking, pinholed sprinkler systems
  • Leaking seams on water tanks
  • Loose battery terminals
  • Repairs to fibreglass tanks and pipes
  • Cracked or holed engine covers


Instant Metal

An anaerobic fixing paste in a unique applicator.
Unlike most fixing pastes, Instant Metal is thixotropic, which means it remains where you want it, without dripping.

Use it to restore oroginal 'fit' to worn metal components

  • Worn shafts, keyways and splines
  • Damaged threads
  • Fills scratches and scores
  • Replaces shims
  • Repairs wear of spinning brushes and bearings


Road Repair Compound

A specially prepared one pack asphalt repair compound for instant pot hole repairs.
The epoxy-tar hard aggregate system cures by compression.
Can be applied in wet conditions and is unaffected by temperature change.

Instant answer for damage to asphalt or tarmacadam

  • Loading Areas
  • Car parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Driveways
  • Airport Runways
  • Roadways
  • Factory Floors


Ceramic Repair Compound

A two part, ceramic filled, brushable epoxy for metal surfaces.

This ceramic repair compound will protect new or repaired sufaces from cavitation, erosion and wear.

Can be brush applied to pump casings, impeller blades, gate valves, water boxes and fan blades to provide an exceptionally smooth, hard wearing surface.
This ceramic repair compound has an excellent chemical resistance to sulphuric, hydrochloric, nitric and phosphoric acid.

Ceramic hardness from a brush on coating

  • Impellers
  • Pumps
  • Linings
  • Chutes
  • Wear Plates
  • All areas subject to wear


Lanolin Gold Liquid Lanolin

An all natural, environmentally friendly product that is an all in one anti-corrosive, lubricant, waterproofing, preservative and penentrating agent with a huge range of uses. The beauty of this product is it's longevity.

Some common situations that will benefit from the application of Lanolin Gold Liquid Grease are

  • Auto Rust Proofing
  • Ourboard Motors
  • Trailer Springs
  • Steelwork Preservation
  • Hand tools anti rust coating
  • Welding anti-splatter
  • Heavy Machinery rust proofing
  • Thread anti-sieze
  • Parts storage
  • Cables and shackles
  • General lubricant for slides and guides applications.


Lanolin Gold Liquid Gloves Skin Guard

Lanolin Gold Liquid Gloves Skin Guard controls fungus, bacteria and infections.
Lanolin Gold Liquid Gloves Skin Guard protects the skin against paints, oils, fats, grease, glues, inks, mild acids and grime.
Lanolin Gold Liquid Gloves Skin Guard leaves the skin non-slip and controls industrial dermatitis.
Lanolin Gold Liquid Gloves Skin Guard contains special lanolin emollients.


Lanolin Gold Hand Cleaner

Lanolin Gold Hand Cleaner is a biodegradable, waterless, petroleum solvent free hand cleaner that contains no harsh chemicals and minerals oils that can sting cuts and abrasions. This pure, natural solvent does the cleaning and is fortified with lanolin.
It immediately attacks and dissolves any greas, tar oil, paints, resins, silicones and enamels on the hands. The surface-active ingedients will emulsify traces of dirt to thoroughly cleanse the pores and this diificult to clean areas such as deep creases.


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