Lanolin Gold Rust Bath

  • Non Toxic
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Only Removes Rust
  • Does not etch good metal or paint
Lanolin Gold Rust Bath is available in 5 and10 litre enviropaks or 20 Litre Bottles.

What is Rust?

Rust arisies from the surface oxidation of iron or steel in the presence of atmospheric oxygen and moisture. As the rust forms, the surface of the iron is eaten away, sometimes evenly, but often deep local pitting occurs beneath wart-like protrubances. Rust occupies more volume than the iron it replaces, and so moving parts will tend to sieze as they rust.

Chemically, most red rust is hydrous ferric oxide FeO(OH). If water enters this chemical structure, yellow-brown limonite may form FeO(OH).nH20. Quite often, black iron oxides are also present, usually magnetite (Fe3O4), an iron oxide.

Removing Rust.

The benifit of using Lanolin Gold Rust Bath to remove rust is that it will dissolve deep rust that a steel brush cannot get and save you the high cost of sandblasting. Lanolin Gold Rust Bath will not remove good steel or paint, just rust!

For best results use a mixture of between 1:10 and 1:4 of Lanolin Gold Rust Bath and water. Put your mix of Lanolin Gold Rust Bath and water in a plastic container and partly cover to slow down evaporation. Let it stand for two to three weeks until it ferments. Clean the skin off the top of the solution and you are ready to start removing rust from your parts.

Depending on how bad the rust is, it can take from two days to two weeks to remove the rust. The part must be free of oil, the process will not work on oil-coated areas. When you remove the part wash it off with water and a stiff brush. The part may start to rust again as soon as it is removed from the rust remover, so after cleaning, coat it with Lanolin Gold Liquid Lanolin or Lanolin Gold Grease as a preventative measure.

Lanolin Gold Rust Bath after mixing and fermenting Lanolin Gold Rust Bath after mixing 1:10 and waiting the recommended time for it to ferment.
Spring and pin rust removal.
Steel support rust removal

Seized and rusted garden shears recovery
With the garden shears we have also included video footage of the shears prior to being de-rusted and after removing from the solution.

Video 1 - The start of the rust removal
Video 2 - Removing from the bath
Video 3 - Washing Up
Video 4 - Long term protection for the shears

Rusty garden tools, de-rusted and functional for a second life.
Testing the solution with a rusted piece of steel plate.

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