Our range of waterproofing compounds conform to international standards and have been both laboratory and field tested to ensure they meet the requirements of industry and government.

Lanolin Gold Liquid Lanolin
An all natural, environmentally friendly product that is an all in one anti-corrosive, lubricant, waterproofing, preservative and penentrating agent with a huge range of uses. The beauty of this product is it's longevity.

  • Timber preservative
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Rust prevention
  • Restoring leather
  • Penetrates through rust
  • Displaces water on wet iginitions
  • Lubricates chains, cables etc.
  • Waterproofs electrical items
  • Welding anti-splatter
  • Thread anti-sieze
  • Protects rubber seals


The paint on, water proof, insulating plastic membrane which can lower internal temperatures by as much as 16 °C

An insulating, waterproof membrane that is extremely flexible and and easy to apply.

Standard Flamenco

A thixotropic plasticized bituminous coating to give long term protection against water penetration.

  • It can be applied to all building surfaces in one coat
  • A primer is available for extremely porous surfaces
  • It is ideal for vertical surfaces for "tanking out"
  • Good resistance to most common inorganic acids and alkalis, silage, effluents, fertilizer and salt.
  • Encapsulating asbestos

Coloured Flamenco

A thixotropic emulsion containing a high proportion of plastic flake to kill dampness and improve appearance.
This outstanding surface protection is micro-porous when cured.

  • Comes in multiple colours
  • All round protection that looks good too
  • Protect and decorate at the same time

Clear Flamenco

A colourless, water repellent, brush on compound rich in resins ideal for sealing porous building surfaces without changing the appearance. Once applied, Clear Flamenco can be painted or plastered over.

  • Waterproofing Heritage Homes where changes in the appearance are restrictive

Super Flamenco

A thixotropic plasticized bituminous coating containing latex.

  • Gives maximum flexibility
  • Ideal on problem roofing
  • Protect against atmospheric pollution

Storm Proof Flamenco

A thixotropic plasticized polymeric coating with water displacement additives to allow application in wet and puddled conditions. Simply brush away standing water and apply.

  • Useful when the weather won't let up
  • Displaces water as you apply it

Aluminium Flamenco

A thixotropic plasticized latex coating enriched with aluminium flakes to give long term protection against water penetration.

  • Outstanding surface protection
  • Light reflective to help reduce internal temperatures in summer
  • Can be applied to all building surfaces

Flamenco Primer
The special primer coat for use on highly absorbent surfaces like asbestos or porous concrete prior to use with other Flamenco coatings.

Fungicidal Wash
Ideal pre-treatment for all Flamenco coatings, it kills fungus, moss, etc. at the roots.

For heat and solar reflecting properties.

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