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Repair and Maintenance Solutions
for Plant and Facilities Managers

Problem / Requirements

Product Solution

Non-slip flooring / edges / walkways GripFast, Griptec Extra, Durabak
Chiller / Condenser end repairs Liquid Metal, Ceramic, Industrial Strength Metal Repair Compound
Leaking cooling towers - repairs / protection Solarcoat, Startec, Kemitec
Corroded pump trays, condensate trays Lanolin Gold Liquid Lanolin, Kemitec, Cleartec, Flamenco Standard
Leaking Rooftops Solarcoat, Flamenco Standard, Hydrofil, Jetshield
Pitted and corroded gutters Lanolin Gold Liquid Lanolin, Rustec, Flamenco
Rusting pipework and steel tanks Lanolin Gold Liquid Lanolin, Rustec, Liquid Metal
Porous shower and toilet walls Startec, Cleartec
Localized concrete damage / repair Repairtec, Concrete Filler
Car park potholes Road Repair
Airport runway cracks and potholes Road Repair
Foyer floor improvements Cleartec, Griptec Extra Clear
Swimming pool and spa protection Startec, Cleartec
Leaking pipes, valves, tanks Metal Tape, Wetstick, Emergency, Rubber Tape, Water Block
Waterproofing Gutters and Skylights Solarcoat, Flexrite, Flamenco
Insulating while Waterproofing Rooftops Solarcoat
Resurfacing bar / benchtops Cleartec
Loading bay / dock repairs Rapidtec, Repairtec
Bathroom ceramic repairs White Tile Repair
Basement / sump protection Flamenco, Sealrite
Emergency plant repairs Industrial, Supergrade, Liquid Metal, Metal Tape.
Protection against corrosion / abrasion Ceramic
Prevent rust from forming on metal Lanolin Gold Liquid Lanolin
Lubricating Chains Lanolin Gold Liquid Lanolin
Unsiezing bolts, nuts, pins etc. Lanolin Gold Liquid Lanolin
Waterproofing oilskins / restoring leather Lanolin Gold Liquid Lanolin


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