Emergency Repair Compound

A two pack, metal hard, solvent free resin to carry out any fast repair, in particular where down time is limited.

Emergency Repair Compound cures in 5 minutes, and can then be filed, drilled and tapped.

With a flexural strength of 6000 psi Emergency Repair Compound will cope with expansion and contraction.

Immediate repairs, gets you back on the move in minutes.

  • Burst pipes - metal and plastic
  • Cracked radiator necks
  • Leaking fuel tanks
  • Leaking joints on vehicle cabs and roofs
  • Leaking, pinholed sprinkler systems
  • Leaking seams on water tanks
  • Loose battery terminals
  • Repairs to fibreglass tanks and pipes
  • Cracked or holed engine covers

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See our Chemical Resistance Guide for information regarding how resistant this product is to various chemicals commonly used in industrial applications.


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