Industrial Strength Metal Repair Compound

A two pack, metal hard solvent free resin.
When mixed, cures to form an exceptionally hard, chemically inert compound.
Simply apply with a knife or spatula to repair a crack, split or hole in any type of metallic surface.

Reclaims equipment in hours.

  • Cracked Castings
  • Stripping Threads
  • Loading core plugs
  • Scored hydraulic rams and shafts
  • Cracked and holed engine blocks
  • Fractured rear axle housings
  • Cracked sumps
  • Cracked and corroded radiators
  • Cracked vehicle cabs
  • Holed pumps
  • Eroded valves
  • Warped cover plates
  • Seam cracking on flanges
  • Pitted propellors
  • Leaking tanks
  • Cracked exhaust manifolds
  • Cracked final drives
  • Chiller ends

Would you like to read some of the job profiles where this product has been used or perhaps you are ready to place an order?

See our Chemical Resistance Guide for information regarding how resistant this product is to various chemicals commonly used in industrial applications.


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