Liquid Rubber Compound

Liquid Rubber is a 2 component, very low shrink, filling, casting and molding compound.
Pours readily and cures at room temperature to a semi-rigid rubber with a rating of Shore A >80. Ideal for forming dies and casts, creating flexible fixings and for filling expansion joints in concrete.
Liquid Rubber also can be used to make customized rubber parts and shapes.
Easily brushed on to create a protective, abrasion resistant and cushioning coating. Stops vibration and dampens noise on metal surfaces. Excellent for repairs to rubber and other flexible surfaces such as conveyor belts and rollers.

It is a fast curing rubber compound which is brushable or castable

  • Creating replacement rubber components from casting
  • In-situ repairs to conveyor and other moving belts
  • Protecting against corrosion
  • Rubber lining repairs
  • Flexible joint filling
  • Noise dampening

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See our Chemical Resistance Guide for information regarding how resistant this product is to various chemicals commonly used in industrial applications.


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